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The Hair Journey


A/art B/beauty L/love.

One might say, it started on a yoga mat sprawled out on the earth, in the sun with some favorite essential oils, a brush and a bottle of sweet almond oil and tired hair. One might even SECRETELY say it started when my very own hair took a turn for the worst after years of processing and avoiding the obvious. Hey, maybe it started when I looked around and realized the solution to a major industry problem even as a professional. The idea that “Treating” the hair came down to a 10 minute mask and the time spent in-between appointments resulted in dormant hair that needed an over haul all over again. I kept thinking, There has to be another way. Another way in which we can have all the fun and transformational experiments but hold on to the quality of our hair. Boom, I saw two words flash before my eyes...Attention & Intention.

There it was, A practice really, designed to transport you to another place, quite possibly hair heaven. Inside and outside of the salon. Our hair healing treatments ( Birthed on a yoga mat out in the sun with my hands and a brush) are now the leading note to our A|B|L vision. This is not only a service performed but a philosophy. Learning how to slow down and enjoy the process of transformation is so important in making the complete shift into the person we want to be, a place where we can be the best version of ourselves and truly design our destiny . The most important take away of it all, is that you get to take a fresh perspective on hair and more of an understanding of your own hair to begin repairing, building or enhancing your relationship to your crown.

At AblHairStudios, we take an entirely different approach to hair. We are a hands-on studios. This means we listen and treat based on whats best for client and their hair. We balance a clients desired hair journey with offering customized, sustainable practices and therapies to enrich the hair. We design signature healing formulas while bringing in the cleanest brands on the market to help keep harsh chemicals a distant memory. Achieving flawless color and jaw dropping transformations WITHOUT the sad after math of damage, dry/brittle hair & breakage!

Intergrading healing modalities such as sounds, crystals and herbal therapy, we keep the energy of our space purified, allowing us to enjoy the moments we are being given and welcome through the new self. We are here to assist in complete relaxation and state of enjoyment, caring for not only your hair but mind, body and soul. Scoop an inspirational book, pick a goddess card from our oracle desk, sip herbal tea and chat it up with your hair healer before hitting the most sought after hair washing experience on our infamous “Hair-Plane”. Lie horizontal while enjoying a crystal powered heating pad, producing infrared rays to help repair body ailments. Enjoy sensory activation by aromatherapy, hair mask, scalp massage and hot towel before your final look is finished. Leave our oasis with a follow up appointment and a new regimen to continue on your Beautiful Hair Journey.

Are you PUMPED yet?!

We are SO beyond excited to share this Abl journey with you. Be apart of something greater with us, create a community full or life. Be, Art. Beauty, Love. Love yourself and love your hair.

See ya soon!