Fall Seasonal Special

In this special healing seShhhion, You will get :

Healing wash to clear and clarify

A delicious color Gloss/Glaze/Toner

A protein treatment & Hot aroma towel

takeaway: A MyWoodIsGood - Bamboo Brush

Blow dry and Style

All for $215


This season’s highlight service is absolutely one to get excited over! We have taken the most requested transformation for Fall and turned it into a delightful tasting of sorts that will leave you feeling toned, shiny and brand spanking new! Most of us have spent the summer days basking in the sun, allowing our goddess highlights to glow brighter and brighter—wow, I can see it now! We don’t want to kiss that goddess goodbye; we simply want to heal her from overexposure. This season’s special is perfect for doing just that, toning/glossing/glazing—mmm, think of icing on the cake, cherry on top...in this healing session we can take you darker, or tone your color to perfection, creating more shine and stronger hair. We will follow up with a protein treatment and clean blow-out.

WAIT—it gets better—you will not be leaving empty handed! We are including our favorite bamboo brush in this special promotion!

Yes, you read this correctly :)

abl key words : intuition, choice, truth, new self

Fall in love with yourself this season


Do you have the same lingering question coming up this year?

1. Should I or could I go darker this Fall? How much darker?

Say goodbye to confusion & choose to step into the confidence that comes with awesome sustainable decisions.

So, should your hair be darker for fall?

A decision such as coloring your hair darker is a more serious one than you may think. If it is darker than your natural virgin hair then you may be committing to an “every 4 week” color touch up! Listen, we love seeing you, but is this really what you want? If you’re used to being highlighted blonde for most of your life, not only may the hair not be ready for this application but seeing yourself dark could put you in shock. Not enjoyable.

Yet, if you are ready for these shifts (and only you know this) then we welcome you to our hair healing studios, a place in which we hold space for you through this change and educate on how properly to do so. The process of stepping into your new self should feel easier even exciting!

Question to ask yourself before committing :

  1. What am I feeling that wants to come out in this way?

  2. Am I truly ready or is this foreshadowing? Im not ready, just yet.

  3. Do I mind the maintenance it will require?

  4. Is this a temporary or permanent shift?

Rule of thumb in transforming : when going darker

  1. When choosing a darker color, stick to 2 levels darker than your current base to begin with.

  2. If you’re unsure as to how permanent you want this change, choose a semi-permanent option so it will fade and lighten up over time without any harsh regrowth.

  3. Be aware that going darker from very blonde requires multiple color gloss/tones to fill the color properly before a single process.

Okay. You decided, “Yes! This is for me!” …how do I get started?

You should feel content after making your decision. Excitement and eagerness is also awesome, we just want to make sure that this is coming from the realest part of you, so that when the physical process is done, not only do you love it, but you are ready to wear it and rock it!

After you feel certain you want to go darker, it’s time to connect with the right stylist. Thats where we come in. As always, an in person consultation before beginning application is mandatory and this will be your time to tell it like you see it and ask for the golden ticket of hair healing bliss to your vision of perfection!! We love this moment too; tell us how you feel, and how you want to feel through this change. How do you see this personal choice supporting your life in other ways? We are listening. This allows us to take the honor of educating you more about the process ahead, including maintenance, at home rituals and proper products. Your vision may be right on the money or there may be a better way to approach your specific crown to evoke and achieve the same type of transformation in a more sustainable way. When we meet in the chair at abl studios, we meet to work together, learn together and achieve great hair success!

Here are a couple of hairdresser terms and definitions that may help when sharing in a consultation.

  • Level - When we speak about a level we are explaining the scientific facts behind color theory of where you are on a scale from dark to light. You may be a level 5 (light brown) and think you want to be black ( level 1 ) but during the conversation, don’t shy away from the levels in between. When looking at a color book, you will be able to visualize the different levels of “dark brown” before black. Finding the truth behind a desired level is KEY in sustainability.

  • Tone - Tone depicts the over all feeling of a color. It could be cooler ( ash, icy, slate) Or it could be warmer (golden, sun kissed, honey). You may see the color you want on a model who doesn’t have your skin complexion, we can meet in the middle to find a color that compliments YOUR skin tone but still gives the same feeling and contrast as your vision.

Here we have two abl beauties who have been kind enough for us to share their “going darker” abl hair journeys.


Meet Kate!

Our gorgeous model Kate is a creative soul herself, neon artist of NY, she's always playing with material and color to create artwork! When it comes to her hair, she shared her hair history and having fun with color was never a problem, but now after a full year of touching up her double process blonde herself, she was starting to feel the stress come out on her hair and was craving a change. This time we made a sustainable choice together and started color correcting her hair back to life :) This bad ass should have hair that reflects what she stands for!

Double Process Blonde Transforms into a sandy but rich beige blonde.

Step 1. Time to consult! A time to merge the reality of the present state of her hair with the desired vision! Kate had 2 inches of level 4 dark brown roots, and remaining length a level 10, lightest blonde.

We looked at a color book together, so visually we can be sure we are on the same page, this always helps bust any misunderstanding or confusion. Pro tip: Always be direct about what it is you like and don’t like. This will help guide your healer/stylist through achieving your goal while making sure you look badass.

After we determined some important factors and felt confidant with the idea, it was time to have some fun!

Our favorite Fall service was the secret ingredient to this master piece. NO BLEACH. Beginning the process of toning down was the first step, filling the process blonde with pigment that would shine and glow and bring it to a more natural, wearable, healthy blonde. This took 3 glosses and a permanent low light to break up blonde with some contrast. After being over exposed for so long, hair ends up missing any dimension or secondary tone which is needed to create a very believable and glowing blonde.

Kate’s transformation was soft and subtle change but in reality it was MEGA. Color correcting a double process is one of the trickier services due to many variables. With time & patience in the right hands, you can start to build back pigment and protein to strengthen hair and give it its luster and shine back! A double process blonde should never be one and done or have 1 color thrown over it. You deserve more <3

Meet Ashley!

This social butterfly and yoga teacher has been hair healing with us for 1 1/2 years. We had starting with treatments bi-monthly to reset her regimen/products and bring back the quality of the hair since years of coloring these curls caught up on her :( It happens.

Now that her hair is stronger, we can tend to the more creative side of the look. Although Ashey is a brunette to start with, we thought richening up the base and building some light contrast with painted highlights would be a gentle way of giving her the change she was desiring.

Ashley transformation -07.jpg

To ease her way into it, we chose a color that was only 1 1/2 shade darker than her natural color. Staying natural so she can feel like she slipped right into the look and when her natural base does grow in, we don’t want Ashley to really see this light of demarcation between the two. While her permanent new base was processing, we painted through some highlights though the mids and ends to enhance the details of her natural color, giving the illusion of sun kissed light.

Connect with your Crown like never before:


But first, get to know some of our favorite chakra centres in the body. They help a lot with transformations.

Crown Chakra : Process
Its not coincidence
Third eye : Envision
Throat : Action

Let your intuition guide you. Yes that thing that lives deep inside you. No, you cant quite see it but yes, thats right...you can feel it. Your intuition is something that you can become more connected to through many different practices but also simply listening. Tuning into our intuition teaches us who we are and what we want. What feels right for us and what absolutely is wrong. Sometimes our intuitions tricks us but never because it wants to do wrong by us, only because it give us an opportunity to take the lead. Making conscious choice or intentional shifts or steps of growth can require active thinking, filtering and processes of illumination to end up with the decision we truly think is the RIGHT one.

Hair is amazing because not only does it to reap the benefits of a connected intuition but becomes a way of practicing this decision making thing that we must do as we grow in the world. SO many opportunities lie within a season change when it comes to our hair and we want you to get the most out of yours! We noticed some of the regular questions and wanted to shed some light on the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s before you did, didn't, doing.

Is it the hot drinks and scarves? How about the leather jackets and jeans that inspire us to make a more dramatic change once fall comes around? I can speak for myself and say, “Yes, I believe that has something to do with it.” At the same time, do not be mistaken, there is a whole other layer under these layers. A plan, an emotion, a goal, a vision for who I want to be, who I want to see and what I would like to see for myself that goes beyond whether I throw a scarf on in the morning or color my hair 3 shades darker. The layer underneath is what we want to focus on to connect with our deepest truths. So in order to make this decision for ourselves or before we let ANYONE make that decision for us, we must dial in to the deeper, inner self.

What are her dreams, fantasies, passions? Am I becoming the women I always wanted to see? does my look speak to who I really am; how I really feel inside.

How lucky are we, that we have such a playful material such as hair to be our muse and inspire us in so many ways? I mean once we dive deep and figure the other stuff out, we get to have all the fun! Hair giving nature becomes a vehicle for healing and can bring out the truest you over and over again. So the question of going darker should be less about the chunky sweaters and more about you inside you.

Listen, she (The you, inside you) may shift many times before finding her truest of all selves but as long as inner peace & conscious decisions are made along the way such as: putting down the “at home box color” because a break up doesn't define you—may leave you coming out on the other side just as strong, if not stronger. Are you going to want to have almost black hair 3/4 months from now? or is this a moment where you’re testing yourself; you know you’re not ready and you have a lot to still figure out in this current self but damn it, you’re done with thinking and want to instead feel you'll be able to color away all your problems (which is a problem ;) Put down the home dye.

Hey, sometimes, the look we had for just a moment in time comes back later in life to stay. Im not saying the element of spontaneity needs to disappear completely; I quite love spontaneity in my own life, I just mean how good would it feel if you were 100% ready when you make them; you know what your possibilities are and you’re completely aware of what lies ahead.

Even then, you may not ever be completely ready….

Crown chakra 👑

This is the center where all the processing happens. Where our mind filters the rights and wrongs, the wants and needs as well as the likes and dislikes, the whys and the why nots. It is connected to our heart that is processing the emotions which bring more compassion into the mix. When we tune into the crown we are connecting with the logical and most precise way of action for us in the present. Close you eyes and focus your energy here when you’re having difficulty making a decision. A vision, word or feeling may pop up giving you answers.

Third eye 👁

My personal favorite & visionary of all chakras, the wizard behind the wizard of oz (before you realize it’s just an old man behind a curtain )- The designer of your future & your partner in manifestation. This center takes all your desires, needs, goals, feelings and creates one big beautiful story or better yet scene for what you see to come. As we open our hearts and ground we unlock the third eye which helps bring our fantasies to reality. Close your eyes and bring your energy to this point to envision how you see yourself or want to see yourself. What do you see? How do you feel? What does your crown look like ;)

Throat 🧞‍♀️

When the decisions have been made and the visions is clear, this is the chakra center that helps us communicate well, regulating the way we speak and breathe. Finding ways to practice opening and activating this area in the body will most likely ease stress and anxiety and bring you closer to what you really desire. Chanting, singing or even deep limitless conversations with someone you trust will help!
What is it that you want to release, say it out loud to actually let go and begin manifesting new reality.

The throat chakra allows us to actually connect with the exterior world around us and is directly effected by other centers being in alignment or not, so the more we scan through other chakras and work on balance and connection, the simpler and more enjoyable and effective the practice becomes. When sitting in a hairdressers chair for the first time, the connection to this system really can help express your wants and even your experiences in a healthy, clear and precise manner so then both parties feel in alignment and can actually enjoy the session, no fear or nerves needed!