summer ALERT

They say you cant drink from an empty cup, this saying also speaks to our relationship with our hair! It is up to us to make the judgement calls and protective actions to ensure the livelihood of our gorgeous mane that we invest so much time & mula on!

To have your back even MORE than we already do here are....

The 3 things to watch out for during summer:


No. 1:


Heat, pools, salt waters...sounds like a dream doesn't it? For the soul but not so much for the hair. How can we avoid those crunchy ends and frizzy brittle hair follicles? The key is to HYDRATE...all the time! Since we cant always control the exterior elements we CAN properly protect with just a few staple summer rituals! Making sure we are topically doing the work to replace the nutrients that all of these exciting summer vibes may strip us of!

What to Do

Before, during and Post stepping outside into the elements, there are a few ways you can prepare order to build a strong foundation so we avoid feeling the harmful after math that is Dehydration! Following are a few ABL tips/suggestions to ensure a happy crown!

Protective hair nest

Learning how to wrap or style hair into a cute riche knot, braid or up do will help to protect your hair if the elements were to get to intense. Leaving hair down all the time to sweep up debris and be exposed to sun & heat is a recipe for dry hair…WE NO LIKEY! Wrapping it like this protects most of the hair and honors the relationship we have with it as we are the protector and care taker. It will thank you.

Leave in Conditioner

A leave in conditioner has grown to be an ABL beauty Altar favorite! It is vital when moisturizing enough to really hydrate and soften the hair from the dry brittle cast we usually get in the summer! This product is to go on post washing regimen after towel drying. Roots to ends of hair, ALL up in there! This is the first step to creating a sustainable and protected mane. Bonus tip: Toss in your beach bag to keep ready for you at the beach for after a swim! You’ll still get your beachy texture but with the element of protection & moisture! We Recommend: Leave In Miracle by Voce.

  • A MUST - Keep our favorite hydrating mist “Blissed Out” ready in your bag & rehydrate those mids and ends before finishing with a hair healing oil from your favorite Go Gettem, Rose, Rosemary, Lavender! WALA, hydrated, shiny hair strands! Blissed out is also a super calming recipe for scalp irritation from too much sun or stimulation. With herbal essence extract and jojoba protein, the hair feels stronger, appearing to have a full, bountiful texture!

  • Masks & Treatment Love : Once a week, we suggest substituting your regular conditioner in the shower for a treatment mask & leaving on up to 20 minutes before rinsing. We recommend : Seven Day Miracle / Protein Base by O&M.


No 2: Sun Exposure

After a few summer beachy afternoons and scenic weekend strolls around town, your hair has probably started yelling at you. It's not SCREAMING yet so thats a good sign, we can still heal! Here a few ways to prevent and heal exposed hair!

What to Do

  • Weekly brushing & hair healing oil treatments

    Just like a relationship, you may not be able to connect for a few days but at some point you come together and catch up, right? This is the same idea! You and your hair ARE in fact in a relationship except you're more like a parent sometimes! When you take time to brush the hair for 10 minutes and massage/press a healing oil such as our Orange Blossom in, you're teaching your and nurturing it after all the elements its been through! It is then likely to feel calmer and refreshed with a glow about it after your wash! This is a treatment suggested to do day of or night before wash day! The “Home stretch” as we like to call it, is a time to ground & begin the renewal process. This brushing/ oil treatment will actually make your washing experience more enjoyable and stimulating, all around easier & more effective.

  • Hats,Wraps, Scarves: Come on, a hat can be SUCH a great hair accessory! Not only that but they create a protective layer between the heat & sun rays that our faces love OH so much but our hair....not so much! Think twice before leaving for your adventure with out one!


No. 3: Flat Hair

Its easy to over wash once warm weather comes around! We are out all day, staying active and attacked by all sorts of elements! The secret to not over wash is to UNDER WASH. If we stick to a 2-3 times a week washing regimen, we are keeping our pH balanced and our hair more protected. When we wash nearly everyday, we are stripping our hair of vital nutrients and activating the “survival mode” of our sebaceous glands which will then over produce.

What to Do

  • Abl “Stay Dry” dry shampoo! - Keep your personal container somewhere visual on your dresser/ beauty altar & have a moment before you head out of the door by tapping, shaking or massaging onto the area which seem oily of tend to become oily fastest! Micro dose on the days between your wash cycles to balance and refresh style! Carry a 1 oz mini stay dry bottle in your purse for emergencies! Yes, do not be afraid to whip it out when no ones looking and shake it up, you’ll feel a world of a difference in volume, texture and oil absorption to continue your sumemr vibes well into the night with out feeling insecure!

  • Washing

    Avoiding Shampoos & conditioners that are filled with silicones are fillers (Pantene, Herbal essence, Treseme, ect ) Is key to sustainable hair. These useless ingredients overtime, create a coating over your hair follicle that feels like a slimey finishing resulting in residue build up, becoming hard to remove, more difficult to color and a heavier finishing. A re training of the hair is required to come back to its natural and most authentic state of being. We recommend: O’beehave Naturals, pH balancing washing system.

Fun Faves


If no other hair products are in your purse…