summer ALERT

They say you cant drink from an empty cup, this saying also speaks to our relationship with our hair! It is up to us to make the judgement calls and protective actions to ensure the livelihood of our gorgeous mane that we invest so much time & mula on!

To have your back even MORE than we already do here are....

The 3 things to watch out for:



Heat, pools, salt waters...sounds like a dream doesn't it? For the soul but not so much for the hair. How can we avoid those crunchy ends and frizzy brittle hair follicles? The key is to HYDRATE...all the time! Since we cant always control the exterior elements we CAN properly protect with just a few staple summer rituals! Making sure we are topically doing the work to replace the nutrients that all of these exciting summer vibes may strip us of!

What to do.

Drink Waterrrr


The Sun.

After a few summer beachy afternoons and scenic weekend strolls around town, your hair has probably started yelling at you. It's not SCREAMING yet so thats a good sign, we can still heal! Here a few ways to prevent and heal exposed hair!

What to do.

Wear HATS!


Over Washing.

Its easy to over wash once warm weather comes around! We are out all day, staying active and attacked by all sorts of elements! The secret to not over wash is to UNDER WASH. If we stick to a 2-3 times a week washing regimen, we are keeping our pH balanced and our hair more protected. When we wash nearly everyday, we are stripping our hair of vital nutrients and activating the “survival mode” of our sebaceous glands which will then over produce.

What to do.


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