abl hair studios

"Finding a good hairdresser in this city is not hard. BUT, finding one that you will form a much bigger relationship with, one who knows your hair in and out and truly cares about it beyond just the looks, that different. Thats up there with finding a boyfriend or a therapist in this crazy city. After my initial visit I was completely blown away.”

/  Danika L. /


"From the moment you step across the threshold of this sanctuary of peace, you will find yourself embraced by the love, nurturing and allowing that is this vision.”

/  JC  /


"Visiting ABL was an experience to say the least. It was a salon, a spa, a spiritual adventure. Iv never had a wash like that before, it was as if she washed out all negativity and sent me out into the universe with a sense of zen. And don’t get me started on the 1,008 compliments I received on my hair!”

/  Lee R.  /


"I love my pixie haircuts! I am treated like a goddess, every time I visit, served tea in beautiful teacups and saucers. I finally found my dream salon.”

/  Melissa M. /

 “My visit truly is a spa retreat, each time i go, I leave feeling refreshed not only with amazing hair but with a bright outlook on life. They take your vision and implement with such care. I feel more zen leaving the “Hairplane” than any other time I can think of!”

/ Regan L. /

“ Saying YES to my Beautiful Hair Journey has changed my life and the way I relate to my hair. When Im performing and playing my drum, I can tap into that freedom feeling. I cant wait to have tulsi rose tea and take a ride on the “Hairplane” again!"

/ Natalia P. /